Training Up

You can spend your Episodes to:

  • Turn an Asset from an Episode into a d6 Signature Asset: 1 Episode
  • Switch out a Distinction for a new Distinction: 1 Episode
  • ‘Add a Signature Asset trigger: 1 Episode
  • Add a new specialty to a d6 or higher Skill: 1 Episode
  • ‘Step up a d6 Signature Asset to a d8: 2 Episodes
  • Unlock a new Distinction trigger: 2 Episodes
  • Step up a Skill from a d4 to a d6: 2 Episodes
  • Step up a Skill to a d8 or higher: 3 Episodes
  • Step up one Attribute and step back another: 3 Episodes

Remember that your Crew Sheet is limited by a few additional rules:

  • ‘Signature Assets at d6 can have at most 1 trigger
  • Signature Assets at d8 can have at most 2 triggers
  • Signature Assets cannot be stepped up beyond d8
  • Attributes and Skills cannot be stepped up beyond d12

In addition to spending Episodes to train up your character, you can also spend them to improve your ship. In fact, your Crew can share the cost of training up your ship, each spending Episodes to collectively add a Signature Asset or unlock a Distinction trigger. If a ship improvement costs three Episodes, three different members of your Crew can each spend one Episode or one Crewmember can spend three Episodes to purchase that improvement.

As a Crew, you can spend Episodes to:

  • Turn a ship Asset from an Episode into a d6 ship Signature Asset: 2 Episodes
  • Add a Signature Asset trigger: 3 Episodes
  • Step up a Signature Asset from d6 to d8: 3 Episodes
  • Unlock a new ship Distinction trigger: 4 Episodes

Unlike your Crew Sheet, though, you can’t purchase every improvement by spending Episodes. Your class Distinction, for example, can’t ever change—unless you get a brand new ship—and any other Distinction swaps need to be justified in your story. If you want to get a new Distinction, let your Gamemaster know. It’s probably a great seed for an Episode!

Training Up

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