Plot Points

Plot Points give your Crewmember more control over what happens in the story, allowing you to improve your dice pool and change the outcome of your rolls. The more Plot Points you have, the more you can do to alter the course of your story.
Players can use a Plot Point to:

  • Keep an additional die from your dice pool in a total after your roll
  • Activate a Distinction trigger (when required)
  • Create an Asset at a d6 that lasts until the end of the scene
  • Make an existing Asset last until the end of the Episode
  • Roll a Big Damn Hero Die and add it to your total after you roll

Players begin the Episode with one Plot Point but gain more of them when:

  • You activate a Distinction trigger, such as rolling a Distinction as a d4 instead of a d8
  • The GM buys a Complication after you’ve rolled a jinx
  • The GM spends a Plot Point on a roll opposing your character
  • The GM decides you deserve one for great play, a snappy one-liner, or a scene description that impresses your Crew

Plot Points

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