If any dice in your pool show a one after you roll them, you’ve rolled a jinx. Your opponent may then spend a Plot Point to create a Complication regardless of whether or not you’ve won the roll. Remember that a Complication is an unhelpful Trait your opponent can use to work against you.

The Complication die starts out at a d6 and increases for each jinx you rolled in your die pool. Jinxes don’t count toward your total, so you can pretty much set them aside as soon as you roll them.

When all of your dice come up jinxes, that’s a botch.

When you roll a botch, you’ve earned a big, fat zero on your roll. While this almost certainly means you’re going to get beat by the opposition—as you don’t even have a total to fight back with—it’s also a signal that the Gamemaster should lay on the trouble good and thick. When things go this bad, old foes come lookin’ for the Crew and things start to fall apart all around them. A botch isn’t just a failure with consequences; it’s an invitation for the Gamemaster to spring a whole new world of trouble on the Crew.


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