Remember Remembers (Part 3)

So Doc had a friend who runs an orphanage. The mean old fat mayor was owed some money, and he was calling in his debt. His hope was that Rust couldn’t pay, so’s he could turn the orphanage land into a brothel to be positioned next to the new Alliance military barracks.

Mayor Buzzard also likes to award himself a bag of money every year in a boat race, so the preacher suggested our crew get themselves in the race and pay the mayor back with his own money, won out from under him. They’d already agreed before we found out that shooting your competitors was half the fun of the race.

Rust had a boat, but it weren’t in no condition to sail. Everybody helped out working on repairing it or getting supplies from town. Some of the crew picked up favorite orphans they almost wanted to keep, and one of ’em got lost playing hide and seek real well. We all worked so hard on it, we even had time to make some upgrades.

Some Browncoats wanted to use the race as an excuse to get away with murdering Buzzard, which wouldn’t have been such a bad idea if his loan weren’t Alliance insured. Corporate folks would swoop in and bulldoze that charity faster than you could spit. So the race involved bein’ faster than everyone else, dodging bullets, and keeping Buzzard alive.

That last was done by scooping up his boat with Rascal to deposit him last over the finish line, for extra humiliation.

He awarded the prize money, and the crew were smart enough to pay off the debt right then and there, with witnesses. They may have gone a bit overboard on making small-dick feel his own worth. Next day, the sonofabitch brought his purple gang to try to murderize everyone at the orphanage, and they didn’t look like they’d have a problem shootin’ innocent unarmed kids.

We called the Browncoats to let them have their moment, saved the orphanage again, and got the hell out of there.

Remember Remembers (Part 2)
Can't hide forever

I think I know why Lady Lassiter’s got the nickname Rascal, she’s sure got lots of places a person can hide. I managed to stay out of notice of the crew while they took on some mission that got me far away from home and only got caught because the next job they took involved escorting the Princess to her wedding and she brought a full boat load of luggage.

Lilianna Fairchild was supposed to get hitched to Templeton Colt Steele on a luxury cruise liner Rim’s Dream. She came on board with her wedding planner, Asante Okoro, and her bodyguard Seth Liang. Seth’s kinda hot, if you like the last samurai type.

The crew weren’t to thrilled to find me stowed away, ‘specially since I’d been on board so long, but I convinced them I could be useful. ‘Sides, it’s not like they could have turned around and brought me right home with the wedding to get to. I set to work playing hostess to the rich folks, which I had lots of practice doing back at Etienne’s manor. It ain’t hard to mix up a fancy drink. Tahqi let me wear one a her pretty dresses.

Did I mention Doc was real pissed about the way I left my father? He tried real hard to make me feel bad for wantin’ to live my own life. He’d probably be nicer if he weren’t so drunk all the time.

Selina tried to guilt trip me pretty hard, too. She just don’t understand.

Lilianna was looking for someone to trust, to let on her secret that she wasn’t interested in her husband to be. She passed me a note, which I got to the crew to let them sort out what to do. Turned out, she was in love with a ranch hand and her daddy kidnapped him to make sure she married Steele so he could get some business deal done. We had to help her.

Asante turned out to be an agent working for Blue Sun, also trying to get their hands on the same mineral rights daddy Fairchild wanted, and made up the whole wedding planner identity just so she could get close. She put a tracer on Rascal, but Chloe found it and spaced it.

When we got there, Fairchild gave us the option of relaxing on the cruise liner until the weddin’, which incidentally Badger forgot to mention, we needed to wait for Lilianna and Steele to go through with before we’d get paid. At first they tried to make me stay cooped up on Rascal the whole time, but no way I was doin’ that. They had a companion impersonating the Princess until the actual wedding, so she and Seth were going to be there, which meant some of the crew would be hanging back to be with them. No reason for me to miss out on good food and cruise ship entertainment!

Robert Kinley got himself shot trying to rescue Daniel from the Baron’s ship. After that he turned dark and was ready to kill people and scared the crap out of me.

Asante and her pirate goons took over the wedding at the “Does anyone have any objections” part? Then she pulled the captain and Steele off to the bridge to make Steele transfer her mineral rights while she made mooncalf eyes at the captain and told him she’d alerted the Alliance and set him up to take the fall for the whole mess but he had a few minutes to get to his ship and get out of here.

She was planning on kidnapping Steele and losing him in the mines or something, but we shot the engines out of their ship when they tried to leave, so he probably got rescued when the Alliance showed up.

The crew didn’t get paid by the Baron, which pissed Badger off to no end, but they did get the Princess’s necklace as well as a bag full of valuables from the wedding guests that the pirates left behind.

Remember Remembers (Part 1)

Town of Hannibal used to be run by Marion Morrison. She supported Pierre du Bujac when he made his bid for town sheriff. Things weren’t half bad then.

Pierre’s grandson, Etienne, fought in the War. He came back all fancy-pants like, saying he was head of a small shipping company. Shortly after Morrison hired him to take over her shipping needs, old Pierre died, and Morrison went to prison for murderin’ him. Then Etienne took over the mine and the town and ruined both.

I’m embarrassed to admit I liked him. He seemed so sophisticated and had such expensive tastes and had a way with words to make you feel special, you know? So I did what anyone would do, and I stalked him.

Thats how I heard him and Kostya talking about how the mine was all dried up and du Bujac was in serious trouble. I knew I had to get back and tell daddy right away, but I screwed up and Kostya noticed me. He had me locked up inside du Bujac’s mansion.

Dad and I got a code, so I could talk to him using lights from my window. I’d coulda sneaked out of there at any time, but the town ain’t that big and that Kostya guy woulda just hurt my daddy if he didn’t have me prisoner to make him do what he wants. So I stayed and listened and heard about their plans.

Daddy warned me that a rescue was coming, so I was the only one in that house ready for a spaceship to show up at my window. That was fun.

The Lady Lassiter did some fancy flyin’ to take out The Force Majeure, the ship du Bujac had to transport all the ore. Then the Captain stood up to Kostya and talked him into giving Morrison back her mine and holdin’ du Bujac accountable for his own problems.

That was when I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to help people like this crew does.

Big Damn Heroes

This is where crew’s logs of what happened can be shared.


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