Marion Morrison

Determined Ex-Con



Mental 6
Physical 6
Social 6


Craft 6
Fight 6
Focus 8 Ignoring Pain
Influence 8
Know 6 Mining
Labor 6
Shoot 6
Sneak 6
Survive 6


Done Time 8
You’ve done time in the pokey. It may have changed you, but you didn’t break.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
  • Keep Your Head Down: When you take a social Complication, step it back by stepping back Influence for the scene.

Holds a Grudge 8
An elephant never forgets. Anyone calls you an elephant, you’ll dent their brainpan.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.

Tough as an Old Leather Boot 8
You built your empire with your own hands. You may be a rich man now, but you’re still the same sommbitch on the inside.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
  • Singin’ the Blues: Gain 1 PP when you step back your Social die during a roll due to your melancholy over what you lost to get where you are.

Signature Asset

Broken Pocket Watch d6: Fresh out of prison, Morrison doesn’t have much in the way of worldly possessions. What she has been able to hang on to is a single token of her life before du Bujac’s frame job. This bronze timepiece was a gift from her friend, the old Sheriff Pierre du Bujac, the man Morrison allegedly murdered. Even though the pocket watch is broken, she’ll take it out and check it from time-to-time to remind herself of the life she so desperately wants to get back.


Known for her tough-but-fair demeanor, Marion Morrison was a former miner and self-made businesswoman. As a miner, she took a big risk by standin’ up to some corrupt bosses and wound up striking out on her own to build Morrison Mining on Sweethome, a moon in the Georgia System. Though she’d seen first-hand how to cut profits by mistreatin’ workers, Morrison stuck to her guns and ran her business properly, never using slaves or indentured workers to cut costs and rack up profits she didn’t feel she rightfully earned. Her workers liked her and she treated them like family.

Morrison’s ethics got her in trouble, though, for she had a reputation for punishing thieves and cheats harshly. Her “white hat” manner won her many admirers, sure, but it came with a price:Etienne du Bujac, a jealous enemy who would one day cause her downfall.

Du Bujac framed Morrison for murder by falsely accusing her of murdering Pierre du Bujac—his grandfather and the town’s aging sheriff—over a personal dispute. Morrison’s trial was swift. The eyewitness testimony provided by Isaac Demsky, who claimed to have caught Morrison in the act, ensured her conviction. Morrison was sentenced to serve time in an Alliance-run work camp for fifty years and ordered to make reparations. Since all of the mining boss’s assets were tied up in her company, she was forced to relinquish control to du Bujac. As soon as Morrison left Sweethome, Demsky’s boss, Etienne du Bujac, took control of Morrison Co.

Now, after five years of doing hard labor for a crime she didn’t commit, Morrison is free and wants her old life back. During an uprising, the former mining boss saved the life of a high-ranking Alliance officer. Though her record was not completely expunged, Morrison was released for “good behavior.” That’s part of the reason why Morrison can’t take on du Bujac herself. If she so much as gets flagged for suspicious behavior on the Cortex, she’ll go straight back to prison.

Physically, Morrison is tall and middle-aged, with short, graying hair and an intense stare. Though the former mine owner is healthy, her time in the camps has also aged her prematurely. Morrison doesn’t smile much anymore, except to give folk a weary half-grin She carries some gravitas, but it’s clear that she’s lost something because of du Bujac’s treachery, even if it’s just a bit of spring in her step.

Marion Morrison

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