Lilianna Fairchild

The Rim's Princess


Step-daughter of Baron Optimus Fairchild, she spends her time working for various charities. Nicknamed “the Princess” first derisevly, she managed to reclaim the nickname and turn it around. She is a much beloved celebrity.

She is to marry Templeton Colt Steele and it is to be the event of the century, perhaps the millenia. Except she loathes him and would rather follow her heart and marry Daniel Blake. Her step-father has Daniel locked away to force her through with the marriage to Templeton as, she claims, daddy gets mining rights from Steele out of this arrangement.

She has begged the crew to help her, but the job is to deliver her to the cruise liner in time for her wedding. She’s willing to hire them herself and will have a necklace come the day of the wedding to pay them with.

Lilianna Fairchild

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