Remember Remembers (Part 1)

Town of Hannibal used to be run by Marion Morrison. She supported Pierre du Bujac when he made his bid for town sheriff. Things weren’t half bad then.

Pierre’s grandson, Etienne, fought in the War. He came back all fancy-pants like, saying he was head of a small shipping company. Shortly after Morrison hired him to take over her shipping needs, old Pierre died, and Morrison went to prison for murderin’ him. Then Etienne took over the mine and the town and ruined both.

I’m embarrassed to admit I liked him. He seemed so sophisticated and had such expensive tastes and had a way with words to make you feel special, you know? So I did what anyone would do, and I stalked him.

Thats how I heard him and Kostya talking about how the mine was all dried up and du Bujac was in serious trouble. I knew I had to get back and tell daddy right away, but I screwed up and Kostya noticed me. He had me locked up inside du Bujac’s mansion.

Dad and I got a code, so I could talk to him using lights from my window. I’d coulda sneaked out of there at any time, but the town ain’t that big and that Kostya guy woulda just hurt my daddy if he didn’t have me prisoner to make him do what he wants. So I stayed and listened and heard about their plans.

Daddy warned me that a rescue was coming, so I was the only one in that house ready for a spaceship to show up at my window. That was fun.

The Lady Lassiter did some fancy flyin’ to take out The Force Majeure, the ship du Bujac had to transport all the ore. Then the Captain stood up to Kostya and talked him into giving Morrison back her mine and holdin’ du Bujac accountable for his own problems.

That was when I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to help people like this crew does.



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